Central East Qld Friendship Tour

After the unfortunate but necessary cancellation of the Tag-Along that was scheduled to start in February, some disappointed tour members decided they wanted to have a trip anyway. After many phone conversations, brainstorming sessions, and collaborations, we now have the Central East Qld Friendship Tour. It isn’t a Tag-Along but it is the next best thing on offer for those who might be ready for another adventure.

A massive thanks to all the team for putting it together.

The main difference with this tour is that it will all be individually booked. Everyone will individually contact each Tourist Park and book their own accommodation, meaning they can choose to follow the suggestions, book elsewhere if they would prefer, or even utilize some of our state’s free camps.

It also means that if anyone has a free week or even a weekend and wants to join in for a part of the tour, all you need to do is let us know you will be there and then come join us for Happy Hour. For copies of the full itinerary or if you are interested in joining for part of the tour, please email ian.yarker@gmail.com.

The overview points from the creators are…

  1. It starts in the South and ends in the North.
  2. It is 31 days / stays long with ….. 4 X 4 nights, 4 x 3 nights, 1 x 2 nights and 1 x 1 night stops. Plus options.
  3. It is 1850 Kilometres and some 27 plus hours of driving, not allowing for driving through towns and mountains etc.
  4. The first 17 days are basically a loop, starting near Gladstone and terminating at Yeppoon on the coast. This allows for people to bump off
    the trip if they so wish.
  5. Also, this loop means that we will avoid the Collinsville to Emerald inland section, which has long drives and less interesting countryside.
  6. However, when we are at Bowen, we have allowed for a 1 day trip to Collinsville.
  7. Those wanting to head on further North are already well on the way when we terminate in Bowen. Also, for the adventurous ones, we could push on from Collinsville out and down to Clermont, free camping at Lake Elphinstone and looking at the mines and history of Clermont. We could then return via Nebo and down the Eton Range to Mackay. This could take another 5 days or so. Or, head south to Emerald and back down through the first part of the tour to connect with the Burnett Highway
  8. We stay near to but not right in larger towns. This allows for hopefully a quieter stay but still close enough for a quick trip into the big shops if needed.
  9. We are staying at or near to 3 large water impoundments.
  10. We have added in a free camp at Rolleston on the River or at the local CP. This could also be Moura instead, both options look really good.
  11. We will visit Carnarvon National park where the camping is powered and there are lots of other facilities and features.
  12. The suggested activities for the tour are just that, suggestions. We are conscious of the group’s demographic and have not looked at strenuous activities. However, there is plenty of opportunity for those more active.
  13. We can and will engage with family / friends / local Rotarians etc to get possible special tours of facilities like QAL, Callide Power Station, Coal Mine viewing platforms, Cattle properties, coffee plantation, and Citrus and other Orchards etc.
  14. The loop touching on Gladstone and Yeppoon are stepping off points to Heron Island and Great Keppel respectively. So, people wanting a Reef Island experience don’t have to wait until we get to the Whitsundays.
  15. Rotary Club visits are certainly an option and we can promote the Tagalong Concept to potential new members.

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