Tag-Along Tours

One of our club’s major projects each year (or sometimes twice a year) is our Tag-Along tours. This was an idea that started small and has now grown into a community of people who love exploring our gorgeous country, whilst learning more about different projects and initiatives along the way. From a gourmet 10 Islands tour of Tasmania, to a 60+ day trip following the Murray River, to the ‘wine and wildflowers’ of WA, this group hopes to explore every corner.

Anyone can participate in these tours and they are welcome to join us for a weekend, a week, or the whole tour which can be anywhere up to 12 weeks. A lot of participants come with their own caravans or motorhomes, but this is not a requirement. You can hire a van if you wanted or the tour-organizers can make arrangements for cabin accommodation instead.

It’s difficult to list the amazing positive outcomes of these tours because every tour is a different experience but here are a few as of January 2021:

  • Funding a partner research PhD scholarship for three years
  • Over $30,000 donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • Over $22,000 donated to Australia Rotary Health
  • Planting 21 trees at Tennant Creek
  • Installing a TV at the RFDS terminal in Broome
  • And many more

These tours also help spawn other club projects and ideas including beanies for the Seafarers in Port Headland, art supplies to Derby, and winter woolies to Indigenous communities.

Click on the below photos to read overviews of our past tours including member reflections and details of different project we completed along the way.

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